How to buy a used car and not make a mistake?

Choose the right models Ask yourself if this is your first car, why would he? What will you do on it – work or play? How often and where to go? How many people in your family (or how many friends will I take on a picnic)?

Find the used cars for sale

It is very difficult to advise anything concrete – tastes and preferences are millions. So are millions of cars and people. They are all alike and different at the same time. On the Internet there are many useful resources on which car owners in an intimate atmosphere, like in confession, leave their feedback about cars.

This they can not do anywhere else, except the Web. No matter how the car gets out, no one in the world acknowledges that “this tapping is crazy,” on the contrary, even the driver of the most gassed “gazelle” will prove that he is “a gazelle to all gazelles of gazelles.”

But on the forum you can all, of course, under the guise of hard-to-read nicknames. Feedback gives an opportunity to assess the situation based on the experience of the owners. But! There is another side to the coin – if everything is in order with the car and it does not cause trouble – they forget about it, taking such an order of things as ordinary. It’s like health – everyone talks about it only when they get sick.

Therefore, pouring the soul on the Internet comes in most of those who have on that soul pretty much accumulated. Read reviews need, but by filtering information. If, say, the majority of the same model write that “the rear suspension knocks” – then, most likely, it really knocks. If in all X model forums the most discussed topic is “how the script is treated in front” – be prepared that your model “X” will also creak and that it is difficult to treat. Problems are with all cars, but do not be afraid of them.


Choose for yourself from those where “creaks” and “knocks” less than others. Do not forget about reliability ratings – they quite accurately indicate what to expect from a particular product of engineering thought after several years of operation. The successful choice is always a car that has up to 100 thousand mileage, the age in which the warranty is still valid, it was not used as a service vehicle or as a commercial vehicle, it was bought from an authorized dealer, with all the accompanying documents and only one, really the first owner .



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