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The desire to grow a full beard is an important step in the maturation of a man. The presence of vegetation on the face can not only change the image, making the owner of the beard significantly more brutal, but also visually adjust the shape of the skull, hiding or accentuating the details.

Despite the apparent ease of the task (if you want to grow a beard – just do not shave), often the bristles grow unevenly. In order to become the owner of a full and dense beard, and not just an incomprehensible heap of hair on his face, you need to learn how to properly care for this beard.

The main rules of caring for the beard and giving it the optimal shape. All about how to achieve a thick and lush beard.
How to Grow a Beard: Instruction
Do not shave bristles for 3-4 weeks. At this stage it is important to get used to your new look in the mirror and let the hair on the face grow without any interference. Tune in to a positive result (that is, to grow a thick beard) and just do not shave the first 3-4 weeks.
Buy a trimmer. Trimmer – this is a special machine for cutting hair on the face, allowing you to specify the desired length of bristles. After a month of growing a beard, you can gently trim your hair with a trimmer (start with a nozzle 10-12 mm). In the future, trim your beard regularly.
Choose the right beard oil in Nigeria. The shape of your beard that is optimal for your face depends on the structure of the skull and on how uneven the hair grows – if the vegetation on the cheeks stubbornly does not appear, it will be difficult to change. Below you will find recommendations that help you choose the right beard style.
Learn to look after your beard. In most cases, the beard can be washed with a normal hair shampoo. However, if the hair curls or becomes too dry, then you will be able to help both special means for caring for the beard, and regular combing with a comb with wide serifs.

Which beard to choose?
Choosing the most suitable for you beard style depends on two factors: the shape of the skull and the type of your hair. Blondes are usually harder to grow a beard than brunettes – their hair is thinner and sparse – but it’s easier for them to maintain the final beard in a neat way.

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